About Us

Nestled in the heart of the city of Bradford, Dhesi Grill was established in 2003 introducing for the first time fresh,succulent meat chicken and fish marinated in the most exotic spices,grilled over hot coals to order and served with freshly baked naan, traditional pilau rice or chips. Moving to the present location in 2005 gave the owners a more spacious premises to introduce even more adventurous dishes and provide a more sumptuous interior. Discover the tempting, gastronomic tastes of dhesi grill without worrying about your calories. Every dish prepared at Dhesi Grill has its own distinctive flavour and aroma. We assure a unique dining experience where chefs create the rustic flavors of barbecue cooking and let you experience the wealth and variety of our cuisine.

Our Food

The range of  spices used at Dhesi Grill restaurant is truly amazing. Our impressive menu of meat and seafood will ignite your culinary imagination. Also, at Dhesi Grill we religiously use fresh  vegetables and high quality meats and freshest of sea food. We believe in bringing about complete authenticity in every dish without compromising on quality. We at Dhesi Grill believe strongly in the optimum use of genuine spices and hence, our chefs produce a complete and exclusive eating experience. Our chefs prepare mouthwatering and irresistibly tempting dishes that are marinated using the finest, freshest and healthiest ingredients. Our customers experience the unique taste of dhesi grill, without counting the calories as the food here is grilled from raw over hot coals and only a small amount of rapeseed oil is used in the marinades making the dishes healthier and tastier .Add to that our extensive selection of desserts and your taste buds will be on cloud nine!  To sum it up, we at Dhesi Grill offer an excellent selection of great food, efficient and attentive service, surrounded in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere –

Our Promise

At Dhesi Grill our cuisine is truly unique, we do not use any genetically modified ingredients, all meat and poultry is of the finest quality, non stunned halal and locally sourced.  We pride ourselves in serving only the freshest of produce and all our food is 100% HMC Certified , so that you can be assured  what you are eating at Dhesi Grill is guaranteed fresh and halal.

Franchise Opportunities

From the tastefully designed interiors to the trademark hospitality of the staff and finally to the delightfully varied menu, Dhesi Grill serves fantastic food  with great style. Our food is inspired and wonderfully adapted for people looking to experience something different. Dhesi Grill continues to grow as we know who we are and what our guests expect and that has become the cornerstone of our success. Dhesi Grill provides years of operational knowledge and expertise in the best practices and procedures for opening and sustaining a profitable food service business. The systems and practices that have made us a successful operator  over the years are the exact same guidelines that we will share with you as a franchisee.

Helping you get started:

Site Selection

Dhesi Grill can assist you in securing a new site or provide research on a site you propose. We also provide site selection training to help you identify the most opportunistic locations.

Restaurant Design

Dhesi Grill has a carefully planned contemporary design that offers guests a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We provide you with guidance from drawings to the final finishes.


We streamline the process for obtaining equipment to make it quick and easy, and along with that we pass our negotiated savings to you.

Staff Training

Dhesi Grill provides intensive hands on training at our training facility. You, your manager and any other operating partners will be trained in all aspects of running a Dhesi Grill restaurant.

Marketing and Promotions

On a operational level, Dhesi Grill develops promotional campaigns throughout the year to attract more customers.

Operation Guides and Materials

Extremely thorough manuals have been developed at Dhesi Grill to cover every aspect of our operations.

Total Support

From the day you sign the franchise agreement a Dhesi Grill Franchise Operations Consultant is available to help and guide you through every process of opening your restaurant as well as operating the business thereafter.

Marinated Meat

Dhesi Grill offers a wide variety of fresh marinated items, great for that hot summers day barbecue. Our unique blends of spices added to high quality produce gives you that unique taste and hence, our customers enjoy buying our marinated products which are wholesome and sumptuous. We have  been providing marinated  meat in the Bradford area for some time now so if you are looking to ensure your barbecue is a hot topic amongst your friends, let  Dhesi Grill do all the hard work for you!  With a wide variety of marinated meat and seafood to choose from, Dhesi Grill offers  consumers a rare chance to buy professional, restaurant-style steaks and much more.

Function and Parties

Whether the occasion is a party or a social function, Dhesi Grill provides you with the best and highest quality barbecued food. We take immense pleasure in providing excellent service as we serve our authentic and traditional  food, with many delicious specialties. Our delicious and imaginative cuisine is complemented by an ambient atmosphere making your occasion memorable. Dhesi Grill endeavors to create the most exclusive dining experience . Our restaurant is the perfect place for a relaxed meal with friends and family, parties, celebrations and private get-togethers. Our well planned seating arrangements help you relax and enjoy the flavours of our food . At Dhesi Grill you will find a magnificent blend of elegant surroundings, exquisite cuisine, pleasing decor and satisfying service.

Corporate Events

Dhesi Grill is an excellent venue for meetings with clients over food and drinks, banquet functions and company events. Our restaurant is unique,serving healthy freshly grilled food. With attentive service and  delicious  cuisine served  in a contemporary setting. At Dhesi Grill we serve superior quality  food in an atmosphere that is welcoming and friendly. Our restaurant serves some of the most creative and flavourful cuisine to the delight of our loyal patrons. We invite you to join us in our elegant and comfortable dining room. Along with that we offer full catering services and complete banquet facilities for simple gatherings to elegant affairs. Dhesi Grill is the perfect place for corporate events, whether it is a fundraiser party or a casual after work get together, Dhesi Grill is well suited for all types of events.


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